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Learn about Inven2Start




What is Inven2Start?


Inven2Start is a program for you as a student who wants to establish a company based on your idea. At least four selected projects will enter the program each year and will receive The Entrepreneur`s starter kit. This will be a kick start for your project and will help you take your innovative idea forward and start a company.

In addition to the program, Inven2, together with Start UiO and Insj, holds two events, Idedugnaden and Start Challenge. These events will help you refine your idea and improve your description of your business concept.

Inven2 established Inven2Start in 2013 as an initiative to stimulate to more student entrepreneurship. 


What's in it for you?


4 selected projects will receive The Entrepreneur's Starter Kit.

The starter kit will include help to establish your company with 60 000 NOK in start capital.

In addition, you will receive professional guidance from Inven2 and our partners; PWC, Patentstyret, BI, CLP and Insj:

  • Development of business model

  • Legal advice

  • Patent database search

  • Access to network

Insj will invite the winners to admit to their mentor program and gain access to a workplace at their location at the Research Park.  

Read more about our partners and what they can provide.

How to apply?


Follow this link and send a description of your business concept before September 26.

The projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria; novelty of the idea, market potential, likelihood of success and team and motivation. 


Employees at Inven2 will evaluate the proposals and at least four projects will enter the program and receive The Entrepreneur`s starter kit



How to prepare? 

​To help you with making a good description of your business concept, Inven2, together with Start UiO and Insj, hold two events:

Idedugnaden - hosted by Start UiO:

Maybe you have a great idea, but you don’t know how to take it forward. During the Idedugnad at campus, you will be challenged on critical aspects of your business idea and get guidance by coaches from Insj and Inven2 to develop your business concept further.

If you don’t have an idea, but you are curious about entrepreneurship – please join us. Maybe you can join in on a group, or maybe you get a brilliant idea during the event. You can come on your own or in a group, with or without an idea. 

Yes, we will serve free food and yes, there will be beer on tap.


Start Challenge - hosted by Insj and Start UiO:

We will invite the best projects to attend the Start Challenge. Here you will work intensively with your idea together with other students and mentors from Insj and Inven2.

Do I have to give up ownership if I join Inven2Start?

​If you want to start your own company and make use of the Inven2Start offer, you must give 3% of the company to Inven2. The reaming 97% will belong to you as the founders of the company. In order for you as entrepreneurs not to have to spend your own money for the shares you receive, your idea will be assigned to the company as "tingsinnskudd".



What does Inven2 do with any income from its shares?


Inven2 is a non-profit company. We do not pay out dividends to our owners. All revenue is used to run projects, start-ups and concepts like Inven2Start.

About Inven2


Inven2 is an innovation company that transforms research- and work results into products and services for the benefit of society. Inven2 is a limited company owned by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. Inven2 currently has 33 employees.


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